Thursday, February 10, 2011

The beginning

Every day at work people comment on how different my hair looks. So, I thought I would document and share my amateur hairstyles, and we will see where it goes!

The ABC's of my hair:
Amazingly Think
Beginning length is chin length
Curly naturally
Dyed - Chocolate Cherry, semi permanent 

History of the Hair:
I have never been overly attached to my hair, and have always tended towards experimenting. Although I have never strayed to bizarre colors, I have always really liked them, and looked for chances I can add just a little extra something to make my hair professional but different.

Recently, I cut around 10 inches off my hair and although the style was not exactly what I was going for, 4 months later I have trimmed and changed it to something I am very happy with... But, I am starting the process all over again of growing my hair out to be incredibly long. Typically I go through a 2-3 year cycle of growing my hair out and chopping it off with a slew of color changes and trims throughout the process.

The Plan:
My next post will be a few pictures from the last few years to give you an idea of the hair styles and colors I have had... Then I will begin with the daily hairstyles from me.. a total amateur... Meaning I don't even blow dry my hair well (curly + thick + blow drying = runaway fro-ball)!

I will detail the products I use, the challenges to overcome in order to accomplish the style, the time it takes to achieve.. and anything else related to hair that strikes my fancy along the way ;)

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