Thursday, February 24, 2011

Straight Please

Today my hair was a terrible mess, and nothing new, so instead of detail the boringness that would have been my hair.. I thought I would begin my product reviews...

If I want straight hair it takes some serious planning ahead.

First I wash my hair with an array of choices of Shampoos (most recently):
Since it is winter and land of the frozen tundra, it leaves not only my skin, but my hair incredibly dry, so I have found that this line does a fantastic job of helping restore moisture.. In part because it is organic (whatever that means)!
I also only wash once during the winter instead of following the rinse and repeat suggestion.
Typically between $5-6.
(My curly hair is a different regiment.. exhausting I know..)

Then I use this conditioner:
My reasoning is as follows, first, since I color my hair frequently this has done a great deal to help me fight off split ends, and does a fantastic job with giving me a touchable smooth and soft hair-do.
Also, since I plan on rinsing it out, it is not too heavy on my hair, and definitely does not leave it greasy.
Typically between $9-10.

Then, once I have rinsed and towel dried my hair I apply a dollar coin size dollop of this to my hair, being careful to massage throughout my entire hair, not just wherever my hands happened to land first... It becomes quite the skill, but soon enough you can figure out how to tell when your entire head has been covered thoroughly.
Typically $6-7.
Again, since it's the winter tundra, moisture is the name of the game... Especially when my plan is to flat iron my hair, which essentially burns off most of the moisture and oils your hair has.

Typically I let my hair air-dry, usually while I sleep, but slowly I am and want to learn to blow dry my hair in a helpful manner instead of a fro manner.

Then, once my hair is completely dry (can I suggest, unless you want your hair to break off, never straighten it while it is wet).. I straighten using this:

I have been through probably 3-4 different straighteners in the last several years, and this one keeps chugging along. It is currently 3 years old and while definitely not as nice as it once was, does a fantastic job straightening my hair.
I will soon have to give it up for a new one I am sure, but for a fairly inexpensive price it has been wonderful to me (and my hair)!
 Typically $25-27.

And then, I am ready to face the day with some form of straight hair!

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  1. You're cute. I'm glad you're my friend. Miss ya, mum. Love ya!