Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whoa Hair

This is what I woke up to this morning......... This is what I walked out of the house with.

Cute hair is hard work!.. But better then walking out of the house looking like a crazy person! haha

Style: Half up and straight.. with a slight twist to hold my bangs and hair in place!
Time: 15-17 minutes, it took a while to control that funky fro thing I had going on!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Straight Fro Mess

I know I look upset possibly in this picture.. but I promise I was not.. What I was attempting to show was the lack of definition my hair now has due to the edges deciding to split a little bit, plus the fact that my hair is crazy thick and has grown out a few months now.

PLUS.. it snowed today ( >.< ) which means the air was dryer than usual and my hair decided today would be a fun day to fly away... Gah!

So, I straightened it this morning before church, and since the fly aways were literally out of control (I should take a picture next time) I had to pin down half of my hair. I am talking straightened fro mess!.. Crazy!

Due to the tackling time this hair do took an abnormally long time with 15-18 minutes.

I have a few more product reviews to do this week too!

Hightop Mess

Today I was way too lazy to shower and re-do my hair, so I braided my bangs back into my hair.. re-wet and scrunched my hair, pinned.. and went. The details are hard to see.. and I was not all that motivated to get a good picture, so here is what I have for the day...

5 minutes and done... Laziness at its finest!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Professional Shots

My friend decided she needed some practice with her photography and I got to be the subject.. We had fun, so I thought I would share a couple of the shots she took!

Photos courtesy Elizabeth Pfister.


I have begun thinking about my next color adventure with my hair... I'm leaning towards several colors.. possibly the main balance being between red and blonde with a base color. I have yet to make any decisions.. but as you can tell, currently I have several colors in my hair, the main thing you notice is the roots are a dark blonde (aka dirty dish water blonde.. gag) and it fades out to brown... then red. Summer is coming, which means it's time for some fun change up. I will keep you posted (of course) as the ideas progress.. and then the final turnout.

This style is my normal straight, no blow drying (yay!) just air dry with oil on my hair straight...

I have a few more products to highlight later this week! Should be good! :)

And ps.. Yes my eyes are actually more green then brown, it just REALLY shows in this picture :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love this simple do. I chose a curly style with straight bangs and a braid... But, the thing that I love about those styles is that the combination choice can totally change the look! I actually braided 3/4 of my bangs out of my face.. you can tell that my bangs are see through.. meaning their thin.. meaning it's not my normal style bangs! Also, the top half of my hair is pulled back do to the absolute insistence my hair hand on poofing and not curling well on top (a clear indication that I need a trim and thinning). So, this is a simple change of pace and offers just enough of something different that it does not look like an every day style. However, it looks way better when the hair color has several colors going because the braid tends to highlight the colors..

And ps.. my bangs are just getting obnoxiously long.. it's time to change that up again soon!
Style: Curly, straight bangs, braid
Time: 10-12 minutes.

Fun and simple. I love it. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Redken Extreme

I decided randomly to buy this product instead of my usual conditioner just to see if I liked something a little different. First, I like the smell. (haha) Also, I like that it is a leave in conditioner, especially the type that you use AFTER you have shampooed and conditioned already (I condition a lot.. but look at all the crazy things I put my poor hair through!) I am a fan of this, but have not found it to be "the one" that feels like it saves my hair from breaking and snapping.. ALTHOUGH, to be fair, I have only used it 6-7 times, and it really could be a long-term usage type thing to notice the difference. I am ok with that. But, on a good note, it does not add any greasy feel or weight to my hair!

The thing I am still in search of is conditioner that has no form of alcohol... This is not that conditioner.

I would recommend this, but not sure I would say it is a MUST HAVE. The cost is so-so at $7-8.


I have found a new styling creme that I really like a lot..

Rusk's Wired, which is a part of their Designer Collection
It has this fairly intensely thick creme that you apply to wet (preferably) hair, and it helps keep it from fro-ing (YAY!) when you blow dry it (OR.. let it air dry.. who knew?!).

So far I have enjoyed the slightly different lift (I never thought I would say that) and texture to my hair. However, the smell is a mixture between slightly chemically and on the verge of being for a guy.. but still with just enough of a nice pleasant smell that it doesn't make me dislike it. Although, the smell is not very strong, especially after it dries. I have also had a hard time getting used to applying this creme to my hair... It's very difficult to get it to be applied evenly over my whole head... But, the last time I tried it went fairly well, I just had to wash my hair sooner then normal because it seemed to get grease quicker (also, knowing this I avoided applying it to my bangs since I touch them about 45million times more).

This products price was so-so at $7-8.
Overall I would say use this, but mostly in the summer time when the humidity is ridiculous.

Monday, March 14, 2011


This reminds me of the 1940's hairstyles haha.. It is the typical bangs poofed and sides pulled up, but I made it slightly more squared off... And again, this is me at work... in reverse (mirror image)
Style: Half up, curly
Time: 5-7 minutes

I have just discovered some new awesome hair products that I will be sharing soon!.. And I REALLY need to look into a new style of color...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Classic Care

Everyone has their typical no-brainer go to items, mine tend to be these... I know they're a little "lower end" store bought.. but they are the ones that I reach for when I aim for curly hair. (click on the pictures to be taken to the website)

 Tresemme Flawless Curls is the best mousse for the price ($3-4), holds curl well, and I aim for hard solid curls instead of moving ones. So, this is my favorite inexpensive mousse.. because I go through a LOT of it due to the thickness of my hair.

Pantene has wonderful product lines, and while I would even still say it is the "lower end" it is certainly a fantastic buy ($3-5), especially since they came out with the various lines.. Obviously I go for either the Curly line or the Medium thick line.

So, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, I highly recommend these two product lines... The only downside that I have with these (as well as MOST) hair products is they all contain some form of alcohol in them.. Not always at the top of the list of ingredients, but sadly it is still there to dry out your hair faster.. I am on a quest to find it.. without having to sell my first born child (to be had in the future)...

Soon... More products and hair goals! I'm so excited! :) Send me any thoughts or products you think I should try

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blown Curly

I'm not sure about this face I'm making.. but since hair is the focus I had to let it go..

I went with a three-fer combo!.. Curly hair, half up, blown straight hair!.. How many styles can I fit into one hairstyle?.. Well, apparently several!

Time and Style: 15-18 minutes.. between making curly.. pinning up just right.. and blow drying my bangs it took a little longer than usual.. but I like the outcome!.. Now the face I'm making is odd.. but I didn't have time to do several do-over pictures!

Coming soon.. the products and hair style goals!... I'm prepping.. and am pretty excited! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Electric Spazz

Today my hair had this electric infused curl!... Or so it seemed. Nothing I did was able to calm the curl down, it just did it's own thing haha

However.. Major feat for the day.. I chose curly hair AND straight blow-dried bangs!

Random note: Blow drying hair that has conditioner in it A) Takes longer 2) Smells better haha!

Style: Curly with straight blow-dried bangs
Time: 10-12 minutes ... Depends on how much you try taming the curls...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

High and Curly

 Today I was not feeling having hair in my face... or with the normal spastic curls that seem to take over my head. So, I decided a cute little side roll, (which is different then the side twist) a few bobby pins to pull the top half up (because I am not yet to the point of pulling my hair back in a pony tail without several bobby pins..)

So, here is my finished product. I am a fan, and clearly was feeling a little spunky this morning..

Style: Curly, Bobby pinned bangs, half up.
Time: 10-12 minutes (took me a while to get the exact look I wanted..)