Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love this simple do. I chose a curly style with straight bangs and a braid... But, the thing that I love about those styles is that the combination choice can totally change the look! I actually braided 3/4 of my bangs out of my face.. you can tell that my bangs are see through.. meaning their thin.. meaning it's not my normal style bangs! Also, the top half of my hair is pulled back do to the absolute insistence my hair hand on poofing and not curling well on top (a clear indication that I need a trim and thinning). So, this is a simple change of pace and offers just enough of something different that it does not look like an every day style. However, it looks way better when the hair color has several colors going because the braid tends to highlight the colors..

And ps.. my bangs are just getting obnoxiously long.. it's time to change that up again soon!
Style: Curly, straight bangs, braid
Time: 10-12 minutes.

Fun and simple. I love it. :)

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