Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Redken Extreme

I decided randomly to buy this product instead of my usual conditioner just to see if I liked something a little different. First, I like the smell. (haha) Also, I like that it is a leave in conditioner, especially the type that you use AFTER you have shampooed and conditioned already (I condition a lot.. but look at all the crazy things I put my poor hair through!) I am a fan of this, but have not found it to be "the one" that feels like it saves my hair from breaking and snapping.. ALTHOUGH, to be fair, I have only used it 6-7 times, and it really could be a long-term usage type thing to notice the difference. I am ok with that. But, on a good note, it does not add any greasy feel or weight to my hair!

The thing I am still in search of is conditioner that has no form of alcohol... This is not that conditioner.

I would recommend this, but not sure I would say it is a MUST HAVE. The cost is so-so at $7-8.

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