Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have found a new styling creme that I really like a lot..

Rusk's Wired, which is a part of their Designer Collection
It has this fairly intensely thick creme that you apply to wet (preferably) hair, and it helps keep it from fro-ing (YAY!) when you blow dry it (OR.. let it air dry.. who knew?!).

So far I have enjoyed the slightly different lift (I never thought I would say that) and texture to my hair. However, the smell is a mixture between slightly chemically and on the verge of being for a guy.. but still with just enough of a nice pleasant smell that it doesn't make me dislike it. Although, the smell is not very strong, especially after it dries. I have also had a hard time getting used to applying this creme to my hair... It's very difficult to get it to be applied evenly over my whole head... But, the last time I tried it went fairly well, I just had to wash my hair sooner then normal because it seemed to get grease quicker (also, knowing this I avoided applying it to my bangs since I touch them about 45million times more).

This products price was so-so at $7-8.
Overall I would say use this, but mostly in the summer time when the humidity is ridiculous.

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