Sunday, March 27, 2011

Straight Fro Mess

I know I look upset possibly in this picture.. but I promise I was not.. What I was attempting to show was the lack of definition my hair now has due to the edges deciding to split a little bit, plus the fact that my hair is crazy thick and has grown out a few months now.

PLUS.. it snowed today ( >.< ) which means the air was dryer than usual and my hair decided today would be a fun day to fly away... Gah!

So, I straightened it this morning before church, and since the fly aways were literally out of control (I should take a picture next time) I had to pin down half of my hair. I am talking straightened fro mess!.. Crazy!

Due to the tackling time this hair do took an abnormally long time with 15-18 minutes.

I have a few more product reviews to do this week too!

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