Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twist and Pull..

Today was a multiplying factor when it came to my hair decision..
  1. I was out late last night.
  2. I was late getting up and ready for church.
  3. My bangs take the longest for me to do in the AM.
So, in an effort to help with all of these things, I came up with the following style.. The picture is edited to help you see the contrast and the style, so, my walls are not painted the incredibly fun yellow.. They are yellow, but not that color ;)

Style: Twisted and pinned bangs, and an athletic headband with curly hair.
Time: 5 minutes.

I think I need to explain the prep that goes into my curly hair... I don't wash the conditioner out of my hair when I plan on having curly hair, instead I leave it in, then squeeze the remaining extra out of my hair, do a quick towel dry/scrunch, add a little mouse or gel (depending on my mood), and proceed with whatever style I feel like for the day.

The purpose behind leaving the conditioner in is this:
  1. The winter makes my hair a desert wasteland.
  2. The conditioner helps the curls stay defined with less artificial chemicals (I tend towards organic conditioners if I'm leaving it in)
  3. The curls are fuller and curl better.
My goal is to exhibit a few of my favorite products tomorrow and share why I love them so!

p.s. I just noticed most of my faces this week have looked the same haha.. whoopsie, apparently I've been in the same fun/spunky mood each time I have taken the picture..

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