Monday, February 21, 2011

Bobby Pins

After years of ridiculously trying to subdue my thick, curly, and at times incredibly long hair with bobby pins that stretch, break, chip, fall out, etc.. and ultimately leave my hair out of place or requiring an abnormally large amount of hair spray and a tortuous number of bobby pins to achieve my perfect hair do; I have FINALLY found one that I am totally sold on, and will never buy any other kind (although I need to get a few new colors for when I change my hair color...)

I bought one package more than 6 months ago, and have not had a single one chip, break, stretch or fall out.. my biggest problem is I have lost 2 so far!

So, these have my recommendation for the best bobby pins out there! Thank you Goody for finally making ones that do their job perfectly!

Product rating for Goody Colour Collections: A+

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